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Blenders M 1000
The M 1000 blender design is optimised for mixing of components intended for production of lightweight concrete with bulk density up to 800 kg/m3 in a fresh state.

Its design supports installation of a weighing system.

The M 1000 Blender can be used for dosing of dry components from a silo using a feed conveyor, manually from packed material or for cement milk dosage from an agitation truck.

It is usually a part of the MS 1000 Mixing Center.

Illustration photos of the M 1000 can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

Specific technical information on the blender for SIRCONTEC lightweight concrete production can be found in the Download Documents part.
GB 550 - 1200 series screw pumps are optimised for delivery of SIRCONTEC lightweight concrete.

The 800M type is usually delivered as a part of the MS 1000 Mixing Centre.

The 800L type is a more powerful model the most frequently used on a separate chassis for delivery of foam concrete and polystyrene concrete to great heights.
The pump on the separate chassis is controlled manually and it also has its own power supply with a separate fusing.
Main parts:
Body, suction chamber, stator part with a rotor, electric drive with transmission, chassis

They feature with minimum maintenance, high reliability and a long service life.

Specific information on SIRCONTEC lightweight concrete delivery pumps can be found below in the Download Documents part.
Conveyors for dry components
To eliminate demanding manipulation with packed binder, e.g. cement, SIRCONTEC supplies a simple and easy to manipulate screw conveyor.

It is a suitable option for the MS 1000 machine and it can be used in all places where binder supply from a silo fitted with an extension screw conveyor is not available.

The MS 1000 in combination with ZD 150 or ZD 300 operates in a mode like “under silo” and operators do not have to count bags to control binder dosage. It is provided by scales integrated into the MS 1000 as a standard.
Main parts:
Body, screw, drive, hopper with a bag-cutting grate, supporting legs
Specific information on SIRCONTEC conveyors can be found below in the Download Documents part.

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