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EKM - the most efficient impact noise insulation.
Growing demands on impact noise insulation of floors, while at the same time, minimizing their thickness, especially for housing constructions, are evident these days. Underestimation of these, financially not demanding requirements in floor composition design, usually results in permanently decreased quality of living, which practically cannot be rectified after the construction is handed over (i.e. approved). Therefore, protection of consumers in CZ was enhanced by revision of the standard CSN73035 (February 2010), which decreased permissible value of the normalized impact noise level between two apartments from 58 to 55 dB. It is expected that also STN EN 73 035, a standard in force in SK, will be made stricter.
SIRCONTEC company responded to these requirements by doing its own research in order to develop an acoustic insulation which could satisfy demanding requirements of standards and mainly apartment users. You can see illustration photos in our Photo Gallery.
The result is a new acoustic insulation EKM 10xx on the basis of recycled polyurethane (PUR) with minimized thickness. Parameters of normalized impact noise levels achieved with various wear layers and various thicknesses of steel-concrete floors can be found in the data sheet DS 207.
Some findings of the measurements in progress (more than 100 of different floor compositions have been evaluated so far) carried out in cooperation with accredited test laboratory Applied Precision s.r.o.:
  • With respect to the impact noise reduction, frequencies from 100 to 315 Hz are the most problematic.
  • The developed modification of recycled PUR displays significantly better capability of impact noise insulation than e.g. mineral fibre board and it by far surpasses evaluated EPS of the same thickness.
  • Samples of PE-foam based acoustic insulation under evaluation displayed, after certain time of static load effect, significant decrease of impact noise reduction capability.
  • The best values of impact noise reduction, also within the range of frequencies from 100 to 315 Hz, are displayed by floors with SIRCONTEC PBG foam concrete in combination with any acoustic insulation. 
More detailed results of the research in progress were published at the Floors and Interior Conference (Prague, 15 – 16 Sept 2010).


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