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SIRCONTEC has finished comparison testing in accredited test lab and thus completed development of a new acoustic pad made on the basis of PUR with trade names EKM 1006 and EKM 1009.
Selected parameters of the novelty:
EKM 1006
EKM 1009
Strip dimensions (h x w x l)
6 x 480 x 1900 mm
9 x 480 x 1900 mm
Index of impact noise reduction on 50 mm thick PBG 40 layer
Δ Lw ≥ 23 dB*
Δ Lw ≥ 26 dB*
Index of airborne sound level reduction
Δ Rw ≥ 5 dB
Δ Rw ≥ 5 dB
Product code
PUR EN13165-T2-CS(10)25-TR50
For more technical information – see DS_311.
Measurements of impact noise insulation proved that the new sound insulation EKM 1009 in combination with 50mm PBG 40 levelling layer achieves values of noise reduction index ΔLw of more than 26 dB. And this is done only with 9mm thickness!
ΔLw for EKM 1006 (6mm thickness) in cooperation with the same levelling layer exceeds the value of 23 dB.
Sound insulating pads EKM 1006 and 1009 are already on sale.
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