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Not all insulations are equal. Most of us will probably agree on this. But what are actual differences between impact noise insulations that are usually used and applied in civic building floors? Are there any? Which materials are more suitable? Which of them prove best reduction and which, on the other hand, lowest reduction on the unit of thickness? Does the noise reduction change after a load is applied? How does reduction of various insulations change with time? How do commonly used impact noise insulations reduce problematic low frequencies? Do they reduce them at all?


SIRCONTEC company personnel have tried to find answers to these questions. They have carried out two series of comparison measurements, which were announced step-by-step to the visitors of our web page and to our customers. Today we publish overall table comparison of impact noise insulations, which, as we believe, brings more light to these issues.
You can download the comparison on the Floors page, at the bottom, in Download Documents section, and you can judge yourself about how they succeeded.
Discussion on this issue is more than necessary.


Documents to download:

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