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If it is produced in machines made by SIRCONTEC company according to their procedures, it belongs to a group of concrete with natural setting (without the need of autoclaving).

There are two main types: lightweight concrete (LC) produced on the basis of a technical foam - Foam Concrete  (Cellular Concrete - CLC) and a type produced on the basis of polystyrene particles – Polystyrene Concrete. In construction practice, a perlite concrete is also used.

Both types are, at the same density, fully comparable from the point of view of such technical and physical properties as compression strength, thermal conductivity, absorption capacity, inflammability, frost resistance.
Regarding technological properties, each category has its own advantages which finally determine its utilization – filling cavities in constructions or basements, levelling underlayers, making gradient layers of flat roofs etc.

The SIRCONTEC cellular concrete (PBG)  is usually produced as a liquid perfectly filling any irregularities while allowing for bound and stable levelling and processing like with self-levelling screeds.

The SIRCONTEC polystyrene concrete (PsB is usually produced as thick slurry which enables making sloping layers of flat roofs.

SIRCONTEC is specialized in lightweight concrete with the density up to 800 kg/m3 with compression strength after 28 days up to 2 MPa.

You can see illustration photos of different applications of SIRCONTEC LC in our Photo Gallery.


Information on a unique LC production and transport machines can be found here.

Specific technical information on SIRCONTEC LC find below in respective Data Sheets.
Information on cellular concrete find in the section Foam Concrete PBG and on polystyrene concrete see in the section Polystyrene Concrete PsB.


Documents to download:

Aprobata_Tech ITB_AT-15-8124/2009 Aneks_1.pdf
Tech_Assessment SK_TP-14/0118 EN_v.pdf
Tech_Posúdenie SK_TP-14/0118 PBG&PsB.pdf
DS_125_PsB_40-80 Roofs.pdf
DS_135_PBG_50-60 Roofs.pdf
DS_137_PBG_25-60 Floors.pdf
DS_145_PBG_20-55 Geotechnical App.pdf
DS_147_PBG_50-50X Industry Floors.pdf
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